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Private Onsen    貸切温泉
45 mins     Price 700 baht

Thai Massage    タイマッサージ  
60mins   Price 850 baht
The famous Thai massage offering a variety different posture to treat your body and mind. Enhancing joint range of motions for the entire
 body, increase blood circulation and support the muscles function, promoting internal health and flexibility in a comfortable pressure and private setting, Depleted the muscles stress to attain the true meaning of relaxation,

Hot Asian Herbal Compress 
60 mins  850 baht
The perfect treat for muscles care. The herbal compress ball compound more than 10 natural herbals. Soothing aromas from the essential oil incorporates with pressure and ball rollings to release tight knots, alleviating pain, stiff, sores or pulled muscles and ligaments. Hot compress improves blood circulations, the herbal themselves reduce tension of joint swelling.

Foot Reflexology  フットリフレクソロジー
60 mins    Price  850 baht
Special techniques on foot, calf, legs and joint massage will help release common pain and stress. Experience the whole body health alignment from the foot related area to retreat yourself into the deep relaxing and the therapeutic from the daily work.

Sport Massage by aroma oil アロマセラピースポーツマッサージ
60mins  1,550 baht
Increase your sport performance and releasing the overworked muscles pain. Enhance the micro circulars to increase the body flexibility and get rid of the muscle knots. The total body will come to the complete relaxation by aroma oil and faster muscle recovery

Hot Aroma Oil Massage  アロマセラピーオイルマッサージ
60 mins   Price  1,400 baht
Aromatherapy massage using essential organic oil from plants and flowers to nourish our skin health and enjoy the blissful massage, the most popular that help to release stress, increase blood circulation and boots immune systems.

Back, Neck, Shoulders and Head Massage  頭・首・背中・肩
60 mins   800 baht
Ideal for people who are in a sat position for a long periods of time, muscles tense, headaches and insomnia.The aim is to provide the most comfortable massage to each clients, to ensure the total relax on back, neck, shoulders and head. Recommended massage that encourage relaxation, relieve stress, improve blood circulation and posture. 

Body Scrub   ボディスクラブ
60 mins   1,400 baht
-Tropical Fruits and Almond Scrub
Reveal soft and radiant skin with enrich moisturizer agents to nourish the skin after exfoliating the excess oil and dead cells from your body. Zestful with fruity fragrance while enjoy the almond gentle bead scrub, help purify, deep cleanse and supple your skin tone.

-Green tea and Almond scrub
Keep away the dulled skin with Green tea extracts plus ultra- moisturize almond scrub filled with organic exfoliating and skin soothing extracts. Super anti-oxidants fights against blemishes, reduce redness and irritation caused by acne, prone and other skin conditions. Discover the new clear, smooth and calm skin. 

- jasmine rice scrub
super rich Vitamin-E bring a glow to your skin, to soft and silky touch. Suitable for all skin types, improving and maintaining the skin natural moisturizer. Healing the UV exposure and sun damage aging skin as it is the best anti-aging and anti bacteria properties. Leave the skin at it's most beauty

Body mask  トロピカルフルーツボディパック
30 mins   800 baht

* Turmeric Mask
The natural extracts Curcuminoid is the great rejuvenating and anti-oxidants. Enrich treatment will fight against wrinkles, blemish, dark sports while the essentials parts remove the dead cell and help treating acne, eczema, rosacea and aids the skin to calming the inflammation and redness. Discover the smooth, bright, moist and glow skin.

* Seaweed + AHA mask
The enrich vitamins and minerals in seaweed and AHA mask is the express way to detoxifying and deep cleanse your skin. Iodine and Sulfur Aminoacid helping on the inflammation and preventing the redness by absorbing the toxic and detoxifying the chemicals from your skin. Nourished supplements strengthening and brightening your skin for younger looking to the utmost result.

Facial Treatmentフェイシャル・トリートメント

Jurlique Classic Signature Facial |  Hydrating  保湿

Duration 1hr      Original Price2,800  baht   Promotion Price 2,200

Boots the hydration and moisture locked your skin with our facial hydration treatment. The natural source lightweight solutions will absorb quickly to your skin fade away the environmental damaged skin, fulfilling the facial cell to feel smooth, silky and fabulous.


Jurlique Classic Signature Facial |  Brightening ブライトニング

Duration 1hr      Original Price2,800  baht   Promotion Price 2,200baht

Restoring the sun and pollution damaged skin with the special combination of enrich antioxidants and signature formula, targeting dark spots and improve the uneven skin tone. The treatment breaks down the stubborn discoloration, leave your skin bright and luminous.



Jurlique Classic Signature Facial |  Anti-aging アンチエイジング

Duration 1hr    Original Price 3,500 baht     Promotion Price 2,500 bht

Reverse inhibit and diminish the sign of aging over times with special up-lifting massage combines with recommended wrinkle skin care. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, including crow's feet, forehead and cheek lines, discover a key to soft, smooth, radiant and glow skin.





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